Nicolas Thys electric bass solo ”LIFELINE”

The songs are written by Nicolas Thys for the bass guitar specifically.

The electric bass being a relatively new instrument brought to the family around 1953, everyday people are taking it to new territories, to places it’s never been before.

The compositions are based mostly on the song form template with a simple construction (AABA or ABC type of thing) where a lot different influences can be found.

For instance: contrapoint & fugua very much in the manner of the baroque style of J.S. Bach, the clarity and efficiency of a Lennon/Mc Cartney composition, the passion and intensity of flamenco music, soulfulness and warmth of an old scratched record and the openess of a big sky country.

Sometimes virtuoso, mostly simple and mysterious, the music of “LIFELINE” is filled with images which will take you to places you’ll never want to leave.

As a leader :

  • Contrabass solo
  • Lifeline (electric bass solo)
  • The Sound People Project feat. Eva Rose Thys
  • Sound Circus feat. Songs from the 30’s
  • Nicolas Thys trio (featuring Antoine Pierre & Jeroen Van Herzeele)

As a sideman:

  • “A concert called Landscape” featuring Josse De Pauwe & the Kris Defoort trio
  • Taxiwars feat. Tom Barman, Antoine Pierre & myself
  • Julien Tassin trio
  • Jean Paul Estiévenart 5tet
  • Nathalie Loriers trio feat. Tineke Postma & myself.
  • Stéphane Mercier Quantum stereo band feat. Jason Rebello
  • Stéphane Mercier 4tet
  • Veronika Harcsa & Balint Gyémant band
  • Free four feat. Serge Lazarevitch

And also Nicolas Fiszman band, Jeroen Reggers trio, Stefan & Peter Hertmans, Marc Lelangue, Bilou Donneux Bob Marley tribute band, …